What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is different to hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.
So, hypnosis is a tool, and hypnotherapy is a practitioner using the tool.

Most people experience a hypnotic, or trance, state regularly. Have you ever zoned out while driving? Or listening to music? Have you ever become totally immersed in a book or movie? This zoning out is a trance state.

People describe being in a hypnotic trance differently. However it is mostly commonly described as be in a deep state of relaxation, being extremely focused and having increased suggestibility.

We can go in and out of these trance states multiple times a day. With hypnotherapy, the difference is that a practitioner induces this state to create desired change or discovery within a person.

Workings of the mind (overview)

We each have a conscious and subconscious mind. Simply put our conscious mind is our awareness, that part of our mind which is responsible for our thoughts, decisions and actions while we are in an awakened state.

Our subconscious mind is where we store memories and emotions. It is where habits, values, intuition is found. Where autonomic functions such as keeping our heart beating and breathing takes place.
Subconscious actions can be created consciously eg; learning to drive a car. At the beginning each movement to control the car, how much pressure to apply to a pedal, is a conscious decision. Then, once these processes are mastered, they become subconscious actions we take, and yet we can consciously access them again. Our subconscious is like a filing system for our life.

What is so powerful about hypnosis is how it connects the conscious and subconscious minds. By relaxing or distracting the conscious mind hypnosis allows the practitioner to work directly with the subconscious mind. The practitioner can help create change or uncover what a person wants.

Cluck Cluck

Now I can hear you asking about the chicken. Were chickens ever as famous before someone thought to hypnotise willing subjects into human chickens?…

If people can be turned into chickens does that mean hypnotic practitioners can make ‘normal’ people do whatever they want them to?

The simple answer is no! If it were possible there would be multiple ‘Dr Evil’s’ out there trying to take over the world one hypnotic suggestion at a time. However it does make for a great movie, or TV show. So thank you to the media for that myth.

This means that while hypnotised you will only do things that are within the scope of your morals and beliefs. You are in control and you must be willing to take any actions. While hypnotised you can see, hear and control all of your actions. Remember, hypnosis is simply a tool to help you achieve what you desire.


Using hypnosis as a tool, hypnotherapy can be used to help create great change or discovery within a person. Here are just a few changes that can be made through hypnotherapy;
Improve the symptoms of chronic health conditions.
Weight management.
Changing habits.
Quitting addictions.
Reducing stress, anxiety, depression.
Hypnosis can uncover and treat the cause of many of these issues, behaviours and habits as well as suggesting healthier behaviour/s and habits for a more positive life.

And if you are a person who likes to know the scientific findings of subjects, search away! Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based mental and physical health treatment technique. There are 1000’s of scientific studies available we simple suggest you go onto your favourite online science journal and type in hypnosis and enjoy the read.
If you would like more information hypnotherapy for a specific change within your life, please send through a message and we will respond promptly.