Abundance or Lack of abundance, that is the question.

In the last 20+ years marketing has told us to hurry up, be your best, there is only ONE left!
Scarcity has become a very successful selling tool. It’s success is seeped in our desire not to miss out again.
What happens if we don’t get that amazing deal? When we are the ONLY ONE who doesn’t have ‘that’? If we are the odd ones out if we don’t get there fast enough or have enough or do enough? Fear of missing out, of being different has been drilled into us from marketing and our society.
Thankfully now, I’m seeing a difference; the desire to be different! Yep I said it. D I F F E R E N T.
People are beginning to see that being different is good too, & the scarcity marketing is not always working.
But there’s more to it than that, living life with a scarcity mindset is hard. It is stressful and frustrating.
  • Living every day thinking you need to hurry up.
  • There may not be any left.
  • They may run out of your favourite food
  • There are no jobs available
  • If you don’t hurry up you’ll never get a house to rent or a home to own.
  • There’s not enough TIME, SPACE, MONEY, LOVE…
  • All the good ones are gone.
Now what if instead of looking at the lack of abundance in life, we consciously decided to believe the opposite?


Abundance is everywhere!

There is no rush, there is still time. And there is more food, more jobs, more homes and more LOVE.
I live my life with abundance. It’s ok that I didn’t finish first, they need more than one person. It is ok that I didn’t get that job, I have applied for many others and I can apply for many more. Right now It’s ok that i’m not in a relationship, there are 7.5 Billion people on the earth, my chances of love are great.
And yet even with this mindset, the constant barrage of society still works it way in. When I first became a hypnotherapist I thought ‘AWESOME I haven’t heard of any hypnotherapists near me, I’ve got this, I’ll change the world!!’
Turns out, I hadn’t looked.
There are other hypnotherapists near me. And when I found out I freaked out too. How was I going to make a difference, there are already hypnotherapists out there?
Thankfully that thought only lasted a few seconds before I remembered that there are 80,000 people in Mandurah.
And the tourists. Well that bumps the number right up.
There is no scarcity in that. Only abundance!
I’m writing a series of children’s books, and for a while I wouldn’t tell anyone what they were about, just incase my idea was ‘stolen’. Then I laughed. How many books are there on any given specific subject?
So what if someone takes my idea and runs with it? The whole point is the world needs this.

The abundance challenge.

Have you ever tried acknowledging that you will find love? You will find that job, you will earn enough money, you are creating the life of your dreams?
Give it a go. What have you got to lose? At worst you don’t get what you are after, but hey, you thought you weren’t going to get it anyway.
But what if you did? What if changing your mindset, if believing in abundance for 30 days provided you with what you want in life?
Would that be worth consciously deciding to believe that there is an abundance of what you want, and all you need to do is work towards it & you’ll get it?
I challenge you to do it for 30days and please, tell me your results.
May the abundance be with you.