Have you ever heard the term ‘break state’ before?

It is a wonderful tool to help you when you are changing your habits.

Are you trying to lose weight? 
Exercise more? 
Quit smoking? 
Start healthy cooking? 
Stop arguing with your children? 
Reduce your anger? 
Be calmer?

Then let’s break state!

To break state means to create a sudden change in your thoughts, your actions and your words. 
When you are trying to change habits it can be hard as many of the things we do on a daily basis are unconscious, we don’t think about doing them, we just do it. 
When trying to change these habits to create new ones, there is often an internal battle between what you used to do, which is easy, to what you want to do, which is different.

This is when we break state. 
It creates an opportunity for you to pause, think, and make an informed decision.

To break state is simple, you can do it anywhere, at anytime. 
Whenever you have that internal dialogue, ‘should you or shouldn’t you?’ ‘Is it worth it?’ ‘One won’t hurt’


***Count to 10. – If you can, do it in another language (it just adds a little oomph to breaking the state)
***Remind yourself why you don’t like the old habit, what pain is it causing? What pain will it cause long term? How is it negatively affecting you? 
***Tell yourself all the positive reasons for changing your habit. What do you get out of it? What’s your goal? How will you benefit by making the change to the positive habit?

This can be done in your mind, or talking it out, out loud. The choice is yours.

Once the state you were in is broken, then you can make a calm conscious decision about how you are going to act, about what habits you are going to allow into your life, creating your future.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to discuss other ways to help you reach your goals, reach out, let’s have a chat.